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I drove down the coast road took me to this short and had to stop taking a pee, I tried it was locked, so I went to the back of the toilet far enough away from the adultwork picnic area, so would not be seen are after i finished the picnic area and sat at a table smoking a cigarette before continuing, it was then that there was a woman walking adultwork through the gap in the fence that I realized once to use the parking retrospect I saw a man in a car that was waiting for his wife to return, I sat there, after 5 minutes the man of her car and drove through the gap in the fence and after about 15 minutes both Guy and his wife had returned to his car, and adultwork I was curious as to what happens in the space behind the toilets, , I ventured adultwork out of my car and tried to not make much noise when I make a copy of the bathrooms I have followed the open road, about 25 yds, I heard a noise, moaning and groaning in a small clearingI saw the man with his wife down a tree, her hands between her legs, which had an arm around the neck and toss another dick, I have no sound, adultwork I stood there and watched them both have a little outdoor adultwork fun together, the guy pulled her panties and got adultwork into his pocket and lifted her skirt to adultwork her waist and started finger fucking her pussy again, leaned against the tree with its wide open leage, enjoying their fingers and kissed her while moaning ang groaning in joy that he gave was, and pulled my cock was harder, I was there, and started my own cock through my pants rubbing was at this time the lady looked at me and said, someting said she and her husband saw me and surprisingly, the man turned his head to the lady and put her finger fucking pussy women that was my queue to venture close to having a better view, I went within 6The couple 's feet, rubbing my cock, I took my penis and masturbated in front of them open, which shows that should be closer, do not ask me for a second time, and I leaned against a tree right next to them : nopw I saw the guy always has been and masturbate his penis was bigger than mine, has been a good 8 inches and very thick, hand to the ladies could fully fit, was desperate for fucking her finger shaved pussy and nipples, biting her bra and two great love for the right breast, even the straw began even heavier than before breathing, very excited, I called a couple of the two sons of bitches and suggested that the man leaned over her and you know his wife, fucks man looked at me and said the tree against which I, the lady has a thin face turnedto me, kissed me and leaned over me grabbed the leash and told him to fuck the dog, the man put his cock in her hugew of disabilityd, while she was hanging from my belt, his face only 3. 2 inches from my cock, I reached down to her breasts and began softly Carres groap her breasts and nipples, n all this time, was always a great doggy style fucking the man who had fondled the breasts about 5 minutes and I felt my cock twitch and effort, without notice, I shot my semen into the neck and chest, then I sat down and fondle her tits, spread my milk in their breasts and shoulders, I called a dirty perverted bastard, and called the guy I had shot my load on her tits and rubbed cream on her tits as soon as she heard what happened was adultwork that he grabbed her legs and began to hit her pussy was very, very hard and fast, his cock pushed deeper each time pushed deep sighs and groans of pleasure, fall and grabbed me feel I could continue their nails dug into my flesh, after 2 - 3 minutes was really dragging its tail,Meeting each trust with a turning radius of her thighs, she screamed that he was about to end, and should take more and more, gets fucked deep and fast, with great forward thrust, rammed his cock in her wet pussy because it promised to end and the boy cum cum and ran over her legs as she cried and she was running continueously, the man put it in her pussy huge shot his load until the cone is leaviung egg is completely empty, after the man pulled his tail, said the woman ( Paula) and kissed me on the cheek, turned to her husband (Trevor ) and began to kiss him this was a more than 2-3 minutes before that he turned it pantiues pulled her skirt, and we all went back to our car, talked for another 5 minutes, Trevor told me that I had been out to escape, and knowing how he wanted adventure I had was that the parking area locally, and go there regularly, hoping to meet with theOnce my other partners to meet someone, as the weather improves
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